Traditional typography magazine and digital magazine, whichever of these is your first love or ruling passion in your reading life? Here in this essay, we would like to introduce a few highlights of digital magazine stacking up against printed ones. A growing number of people nowadays use digital publishing software to create digital publications as a lucrative marketing strategy, as a result, why not take a good look at why digital magazine is becoming increasingly important both strategically and economically for online business?

Digital Magazine VS Paper Magazine

Hereof we just listed three main advantages of digital magazines:

More interactive with rich media
By comparison with paper magazines, the digital software magazine is often in a clearly advantageous position when it comes to interactivity. It offers all the benefits of the traditional printed magazines (like text and graphics) plus the extremely attractive features such as sound, video, hyperlinks, dynamic effect, interactivity and so on to further put across the attractive feature of magazine content and wonderful reading experience. Apart from that, readers can be more prompt and more accurate in acquiring information and getting feedbacks from readers after reading digital magazine, but this seems unattainable while we are reading realistic magazines.

Easy delivery via internet and eco-friendly
It is also true that out of heavy weight and large size, it might cost a pretty penny in hard page magazine delivery. Beyond this, paper magazines would take a great deal of money and papers in printing which are not cost-effectively and eco-friendly. Furthermore, the paper magazine is much more costly for readers to access by contrast to digital magazines, what this means in practice is that readers might be just confined to rich ones. Of greater significance, is that digital magazine could appear more portable that you can enjoy it online or offline on various mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and other tablets whenever possible. You could even upload and share the magazine content with your friends and families on some brand social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg etc. while traditional paper magazine cannot offer such convenience for readers.

More wonderful reading experience
You might take account of the condition that reading digital magazine is not comfortable and pleasant as reading real paper books. At the present time, however, powerful digital flipbook software do positively contribute to help you create a great feeling as reading realistic printed books. For example, digital magazines could really flip pages with some other advanced features such as zoom, share, bookmark etc. There’s no doubt that you’ll get better results from the engaging content and news in a way that is totally fresh and used flexibly and conveniently.